Sunday, May 26, 2019

Effective and powerful love spell

If you feel which you have lost your love, and also you feel that you will never get again your lost lover then this effective and powerful love spell can help you.


  • Some property of the individual you like hair, nail or any piece of his or her clothes
  • A bowl
  • 10 strands of your hair


Upload few portions of love in the bowl. Put the belongings of your lover and the strands of your hair within the bowl.

Then position the bowl on the hearth and whilst doing those chants 36 times:


Once this is done, preserve the bowl in a single small nook of your home.

Every day take one small stone and placed that’ stone within the bowl while focusing on the love you have lost. Gradually your lost love will come back to you …

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Effective and easy love spell

This ritual will allow you to attract someone to you or simply to attract his attention.


You must recite 30 times a day (10 times in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, and 10 times in the evening), the following mantra:

(Name of the person you love) Mujhe Milla Anhi ishq Jaadu Chalaye.

Over time, this person will feel more and more interested and attracted to you.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Spell to make someone fall in love with you



This ritual must be done on a full moon night.


Light the candle and contemplate the flame. Watch her form the face of the person you love secretly.

Then look at the moon and imagine that the face of the loved one appears. As soon as you see the image of the person you want, recite the following incantation five times:

luvumtumintum mrukulutus blaffe blaffe
Wenda aarave vullustisum luvustuttitum
Yalla yalla blaffe blaffe luvumtumintum
Izat izzajat luvus luvum
Yalla yalla blaffe blaffe luvumtumintum

You must repeat this procedure 12 times. Then go to bed.

The next morning, when you get up, plunge the solidified wax from the candle into your bathtub and take a bath with warm water.

Once this spell is over, the loved one will come to you soon.