Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Against trouble with childbearing

Read the three following words three times into the ear of a woman who cannot be made to part with her child in birth and say the Pater Noster three times in between; then things will get better: GALATH, MALGALATH, SARATHIM. After this fol- lows three Pater Nosters in Latin:

Pater Noster qvi es in Cells, Santificetur nomen tuum, ad- veniat Regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, Sic ut in ceio, et in terra panem nostrum qvotidianum, da nobis hodie, et Dimitte nobis, debita nostra, Sic ut et nos, Dimittimus, Debitoribus nostris, et ne nos inducas, in tentationem, Sed libera nos a malo Amen qvja tuum est Regnum, tua potenja et Gloria in Secula Secuorum Amen.

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