Monday, September 3, 2018

Rite to arouse passionate love in a woman

With the all powerful arrow of Love do I pierce they heart O Woman
Love Love that causes unease, that will overcome thee, love for me.
That arrow, flying true and straight will come in thee burning desire.
It has the point of my love , its shaft is my determination to possess
thee. Yea, they heart is pierced . The arrow has struck home. I have overcome
by these arts thy reluctance thou art changed. Come to me submissive,
without pride, as I have no pride, but only longing.
Thy mother will be powerless to prevent thy coming, neither shall thy
father, be able to prevent thee. Thou art completely in my power.
O Mitra , O Varuna, strip her of her willpower. I, I alone wield power
over the heart and mind of my beloved.

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