Sunday, September 30, 2018

Spell to make a couple fall in love

Enables both a man and a woman to fall in love.

Cors tuum urna magicus,
aeternus canum fidellis,
lapis et caro per semper,
nanquam intervalum,
Laqueus! Laqueus!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Charm to stop bleeding at the Nose

Write on the forehead of the person that bleeds, with the same blood, Consumatumest.

To a make a true love powder

Take elecampane, the seeds and flowers of vervine, and the berries of Misellto ; dry them well in an oven, and beat them into fine powder : give the party you design upon a drain in a glass of wine, or other liquors and it will work wonderful effects to your advantage.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

A strong spell for love and passion


  • Fire rosehips
  • A red paper heart


Write your name and the name of the person you wish to love you upon the red paper heart. Build a fire, and when the flames are at their fullest throw in the rosehips. Concentrate and picture the person in the fire, and then say:

God and goddess, I appeal to you
From fire's breath and love anew
Roses offered through the flames divine
Take (name of person)'s heart and make it mine!

Hold the paper heart to your heart, and then throw it into the fire. Watch it burn to ashes, and then close the spell:

God and goddess, your help I seek
To turn aside emotions weak
And help true love bind me to this,
I seal my spell with passion's kiss!

As an ending to this ritual, for love is a dangerous thing to play with, you might consider adding “and if it is not for the good of all, may my spell not come to pass.

Bring back my love spell


  • Orange essence a photograph or drawing of your ex-love
  • A mirror


On a Friday night at 8pm, light some orange essence and hold the image of your ex-luv in your hand as you concentrate on seeing the two of you together again. Feel confident and happy as you repeat this magic quatrain:

To see your eyes again, my love
to gaze at my own reflection there
to walk side by side in step with you
so shall my request be heard.

Seal the spell's power by sticking the photograph or drawing of your ex-love face down against your bedroom mirror. Each time you pass by, send your ex a loving thought.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Spell to banish lovers jealousy

Cast this spell in the bedroom. Open the window, walk in a circle widdershins saying:

Turn and turn about, out, out, out. Badness put to rout, end to every doubt. Out, out, out.

'Sweep' the hurtful emotions out the window with your hands. In an oil burner, burn ylang-ylang, myrrh and coriander essential oils.

Circle deosil saying:

Winding, winding, winding, peace and joy now finding
a love that's true and binding, winding, winding, winding.

Rite to arouse passionate love in a woman

With the all powerful arrow of Love do I pierce they heart O Woman
Love Love that causes unease, that will overcome thee, love for me.
That arrow, flying true and straight will come in thee burning desire.
It has the point of my love , its shaft is my determination to possess
thee. Yea, they heart is pierced . The arrow has struck home. I have overcome
by these arts thy reluctance thou art changed. Come to me submissive,
without pride, as I have no pride, but only longing.
Thy mother will be powerless to prevent thy coming, neither shall thy
father, be able to prevent thee. Thou art completely in my power.
O Mitra , O Varuna, strip her of her willpower. I, I alone wield power
over the heart and mind of my beloved.