Saturday, June 30, 2018

Boost your self- confidence


  • A yellow candle

  • Jasmine incense


Light the candle and incense, then say:

Deep within my soul there is a guide
Who I can trust, I can put my fears aside
I know I deserve to be loved, and to love me
By the powers of three times three
Blessed be.

To bring new friends


  • A blue candle

  • Carnation

  • A mirror


Light the candle. Look in the mirror and say:

Friends surrounding me through all years
Bringing them with laughter and tears
As I speak these words
I see them surrounding me
As memories we make unfold
All my friends hearts make of silver and gold
Soon bring them now to me
New friends I forever keep with me.”

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Easy money spell


  • 13 inch silk ribbon


While making the 9 knots, say:

By knot one, my spell's begun
By knot two, plenty fruitful work to do
By knot three, money comes to me
By knot four, opportunity knocks at my door
By knot five, my business thrives
By knot six, this spell is fixed
By knot 7, succes is given
By knot 8, increase is great
By knot 9, these things are mine.

Spell for getting money


  • A green candle

  • Basil

  • A stone which attracts money (keep it in your wallet after doing the spell)

  • Money


During a thursday or during waxing or full moon, visualise the amount of money that you want. Then say the following spells:

Give me money to live comfortly
Bring enough money to me
I need money to bay what I'm longing for
And I could use even more
I am a good person, I deserve this money
So my life will be cheerful and sunny.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

To win the heart of the one you love


Write the name of the one you love on an onion bulb. Plant it in earth in a new pot. Place the pot on a windowsill, preferably facing the direction in which your sweetheart loves.

Over the bulb, repeat the name of the one you desire morning and night until the bulb takes root , begins to sprout, and finally blooms. Say the following incantation daily:

May Its Roots Grow,
May Its Leaves Grow,
May Its Flowers Grow,
And As It Does So
(Name Of Person)'s Love Grow.

Summoning the goddess of Hecatee


  • Large black candle

  • Salt


Light the black candle. Chant the words below:

Goddess of Hecatee
Bring forth your light.
(Drop a few grains of salt into the flame)
I try to summon you
With all my might
Come to me
Come to me
I know you will not fail me
Sin I will, sin is my friend
Ich la mena, mye payhodg to mnye.
Ich la mena! Nye payhodg do maye!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Influence someone's thoughts

While fixing the person, whisper the following incantation:

Lelguild Scrotch,
Bulbed Kelidoyne,
Listhar Alaeynis Morreykonn,
Eko Eko Ek kiaa.

Spell to change eye colour


  • Two candles of the colour you want your eyes to be

  • A pentacle


Light the candles and sit in front of it. Clear your mind and chant three or more times the following spell:

1 2 3 change for me,
1 2 3 (current colour of your eyes) to (colour you want your eyes to be)

Once again, clear your mind and chant three or more times the following spell:

By the power of three,
Let it be seen

Photo: Xenia Kokoreva ©

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Be seen more attractively

Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it. Light some vanilla candles and/or incense. As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say the following:

Earth, Air, Fire, Sea Let the Goddess' beauty Shine through me.