Sunday, March 11, 2018

Discourage an unwanted admirer

This spell can be used to discourage an unwanted admirer, either male or female, who is causing you stress or unhappiness.


Visualize the person in mind for a few moments then repeat the following chant:

As I place herein this man/woman's name
I humbly ask the sacred flame:
Release me from her/his power,
Make me stronger by the hour.
Cleanse her/his soul and set her/him free
So she/he no longer troubles me!
As the flame to heaven ascends
So my pain and trouble ends.
Ashes only do remain;
Free am I of Loss and pain.

To get another to agree

Light a pink candle for love and a blue candle for healing on a Friday evening.

Say the following incantation:

Please (name of person)
Do think again
May the consequence
Heal my pain
Grant my request to me
And you'll see
The good in your heart
Set me free.
Bless you.

Snuff out the candles after casting your spell.

Bring someone close spell

Drip water (during Full Moon) on photos of you and your beloved. Visualize your beloved arriving from afar to find your love. Then, say:

Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear.
A love that's true once here he'll find
And know his journey's end.
And in his heart and soul and mind
He'll know our lives should blend.

Photo: Jenya D.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Spell of desire


To make a man desire you sexually, write his full name with yours upon a crimson phallus shaped candle when the waxing moon enters the sign of Scorpio. Anoint the candle with must oil, light it, and repeat the following magickal incantation 3 times:

BEWITCH (man's full name)

Close your eyes and visualize the man of your desires making love to you. Continue the erotic visualization until the candle burns itself completely out.

To win a bet


  • Seven green candles


Light seven green candles and say:










Repeat seven times and extinguish the candles. Do this for seven days. When you place your bet, you are more likely to win.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spell to bring love and respect


  • A white candle


During the full moon, and the nights before and after, go outside under the stars and light a white candle. Hold it in front of you and chant the following:

Sun and moon and earth and sky
Bring me love Make it fly.”

Repeat as often as feels natural, then blow out (or snuff out) the candle.

Spell for reconciliation


  • 1 white candle
  • 1 blue candle
  • 1 pink candle


Anoint each with love oil. Carve the names of yourself and the person you wish to reconcile with in the blue candle. Invoke cerridwen and pan. Light the white candle and say:

Cerridwen, Mother, blessed be
I light this white candle to remove hostility.

Light the blue candle and say:

Mother and Father, blessed be
Bring between (name) and I tranquility.”

Light the pink candle and say:

Pan and Eros, blessed be
If there is still love between us, let it be.
For the good of all and harm to none, as I will,
So mote it be!

Let the candles burn down.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love charm

In April or May, when Rosemary is in season, choose pliable, willowy stems and bind them together into the shape of a heart. Form a mental image of the one you wish for.

Then secure the rosemary heart with a yellow ribbon and if you have any threads from your partner's clothes or strands of hair, wave these in to create a stronger vibrational link. If your desired one is born under Aries, weave in a few strands of wool too. Place the rosemary heart in a white envelope and put it under your pillow. Before you sleep, repeat the words:

« Divine love
Bless my sleep
My true lover
I shall keep »

The rosemary will dry with time and its life force will fade. When you feel your spell has brought the one you want closer, burn the heart in a fire, thinking while you do it of the flames of passion.

Spell to help lift hard feelings and heal emotional rifts


  • A Quartz crystal


Find a nice, quiet place where you can lay down, then place the quartz crystal

on your third eye and say:

I call upon Gula, great Goddess of healing.
Guide the help to direct any bad feelings,
See this dark specters reeling.
By the grace of your power
I ask you to heal them.
Teach each to feel what the other feels,
By the power of three, I wish it to be.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

To learn the truth


Light altar candles (choose the color you feel represents yourself) and incense. Think hard on the subject about which you wish to learn the truth. Say following words:

This candle I light to represent myself.
It burns as does the spirit.
It is as myself in all things.

Light 2 white candles and say:

These are the symbols for truth.
They are enjoined about (your name)
And to me show all truth.

Then say:

As I invoke the night cross, the brown heath bare,
In the bright moons light, saw a castle fair.
Lords and Ladies, great and small,
Were crowding in, 'twas a festival.
Grasses in the wind are waving
They bade me welcome and I went
To drink their wine to my heart's content.
I danced and laughed with the ladies fair,
Ne'er in my life had I such cheer,
Grasses in the wind are waving.
Then all at once there came a cry
Haro by yaro! Asleep fell I,
While a lady dancing at my side
Seemed like a lizard away to glide
Grasses in the wind are waving.
I woke in the early light of day
In an olden ruin I did lay,
O'er the rock and into the sun
I saw a green-gold lizard run!
Grasses in the wind are waving.
Now the truth I know and it stays with me
For I have seen what I did see,
All secret knowledge came to mind
Borne on laughter of the other kind.
Grasses in the wind are waving.

Sit then in quiet contemplation for half an hour. In this time will the truth of the subject in question come to you. Extinguish candles.

Money spell


Sit comfortably. Light a green candle and incense. Imagine light glowing throughout your body and filling the room. Repeat the words of power:


While concentrating on money, repeating as necessary and feeling energy, perform once or twice daily.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

To help pay debts


Take the key to a strong box and go to a country crossroads at midnight during the full moon. Lay the key in the middle of the crossroads and walk in a circle around it three times to the left and three times to the right, chanting:

Forces around me, take pity on my foolish mess
and grant me a second chance to unlock my future and
unburden me

Take the key home and put it on your key chain.

To bring your lover back

Wait until Friday. With your favorite pen and a piece of fresh white paper, write your first name and your lover's surname. Draw a square around them. With your eyes closed say aloud:

Our fate is sealed
We are one

Cut the square out and place it inside your pillowcase or among your most intimate possessions. Your lover will return.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Passionate love spell

For Love, say while kissing passionately:


Love spell which acts in the same hour

Take a seashell and write the holy names with blood.


"I adjure you, Shell, by Bitter Necessity, (MASKELLI formula) [i.e., MASKELLI MASKELLO' PHNOUKENTABAO' OREOBAZAGRA RHE'XICHTHO'N HIPPOCHTHO'N PYRIPE'GANYX] and by those who have been placed in charge of the Punishments, LAKI LAKIO' LAKIMOU MOUKILA KILAMOU IO'R MOUO'R MOUDRA MAXTHA MOUSATHA: attract her, [name of your lover], whom [name of your lover] bore".

"Do not be stubborn, but attract her, OUCH OUCH CHAUNA MOUCHLIMALCHA MANTO'R MOURKANA MOULITHA MALTHALI MOUI E'IE'I YYY AE' AIE' YOO' AE'I AE'I AE'I AO'A AO'A AO'A IAO' O'AI O'AI AIO' O'AI IO'A IAO' O'AI, attract her, [name of your lover]"

As the Moon waxes in Aries or in Taurus.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Getting over someone

Best time

Midnight of a Full Moon


  • 1 red candle (strength)
  • 2 white candles (healing)
  • A piece of paper with the persons name


Begin by placing the 2 white candles on either side of the red. Light the red candle, then the left white followed by the right white candles. Then say:

I burn thy names so it shall be
cast out of my memory
(Name) your name is cold as ice
to get over you would be nice

To make yourself known to another

If you love one another and they do not seem to notice, then this ritual can bring you to their attention.


Find their footprints in the earth. Dig up this footprint (more correctly, the earth in which it is impressed). Take the earth to the nearest willow tree, make a hole in the ground at its base, put the footprint into the hole, Filling it with the original dirt. As you are burying the footprint this way, say:

Many earths on earth
I make my love to thee.
For He is the flower and I the stem;
He the cock and the hen.
Grow, grow willow tree!
Sorrow not for the likes of me.

From then on you will find that you are going to get started.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Unwanted Lover Spell


Perform this spell on a Saturday, during the Waning Moon, and when the winds blow strong.


Take a small square of paper and write on it the name of the annoying would-be lover. Use black ink for this.

Then light a white candle and burn the piece of paper in its flame while thinking of the person running away from you. Catch the ashes in something (burning the paper over an ashtray is a good idea) and carry them out to your back porch or backyard. There you must place the ashes on the upturned palm of your right hand and hold it up saying:

Winds of the North, South, East and West,
Carry these affections to where they'll be best.
Let his/her heart be open and free,
And let his/her mind be away from me

Then blow on the ashes or let the wind take them, so that they scatter to the winds and the four directions.

Unlucky days for Love

According to the Gypsies, the following days are considered to be unlucky for Love. Don’t start a relationship; get married, …, on these following dates:

  • January ⇒ 1, 2, 6, 14, 27
  • February ⇒ 1, 17, 19
  • March ⇒ 11, 26
  • April ⇒ 10, 27, 28
  • May ⇒ 11, 12
  • June ⇒ 19
  • July ⇒ 18, 21
  • August ⇒ 2, 26, 27
  • September ⇒ 10, 18
  • October ⇒ 6
  • November ⇒ 6, 17
  • December ⇒ 5, 14, 23

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Lust spell


Perform on Tuesday nights only


  • Picture of person you desire
  • Red or pink candle
  • Pen or pencil


Cast a circle and invoke Venus with this chant:

Venus, Mighty one of Lust!
I call upon you with your trust
To bring this person to me now
Your fragile trust is your vow!

Light your candle and chant while visualizing you and your desired person doing what you wish.


(Person's desired name) please come to me
Fulfill my desire successfully
I beg of you to come to me
As I will, so mote it be.

Take the picture and write your name and the desired person's name on the back of it. Kiss the picture; place it to your heart. Extinguish the candle, and place picture in your pillow case.

Birch love spell


  • Birch barks
  • Red doves blood ink
  • Love incenses


Carefully gather strips of the birch bark at the New Moon. With red doves blood ink, write on a birch strip:

Bring me true love.

Burn this along with love incenses, saying:

Goddess of love, God of desire,
Bring to me sweet passion's fire.

The specific name of a god/goddess may be added. Cast the bark into a stream or other flowing water, saying:

Message of love, I set you free,
to capture a love and return to me.

It is unwise to use this incantation and ritual directed toward a specific person as that would violate the rule. If a love is to come to you, it must be of that person’s free will to do so.