Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ritual of fertility

If you're trying to get pregnant, you can use this spell chant for fertility.

You should say this following chant three times before you lay with your partner. Remember to visualize yourself or/and your lover with child while you lay with them.

Earth mother lend me you skill,
We shall meet and we lay.
Moon father shine your light bright,
We meet and we lay.
A new light shall shine.
Round. Earth. Mother. Birth.

You should do this process every time you lay with him. After using this chant for 28 days, you could have an amazing surprise.

During all this process, eat a diet filled with fresh fruits, fish, garlic, nuts, potatoes, eggs and drink plenty of water.

This spell works fast so be sure this is the right time for you!

For a passionate love

A stick of cinnamon
Two whole nutmegs
A bag of pink or white cloth

Put a stick of cinnamon, two whole nutmegs and lavender to a bag of pink or white cloth. After that, anoint the bag with cinnamon oil and say:

Blazing passion, my desire,
Come and set my heart on fire.

Do this while the moon is waxing. Sleep with the bag under your pillow until you get positive results.

As usual, be careful what you wish for.

Friday, December 29, 2017

To bring your lover to you

It is said that your lover will come to your home if you ask Diana to call on her daughter Aradia for aid.

Stay up all night on a Thursday, filled with desire for your lover. Then, to call your beloved to you, perform this spell to Diana on Friday at dawn, when the moon is still visible and the sun is just rising:

Good and beautiful Diana
I have faithfully worshipped you;
Now help me with my love!
Call your daughter Aradia;
And send her to fetch my love to me.
Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking.
Thank you, Great Faery Queen and Fair Aradia.

Photo: Elizabeth Sawatzky

Spell to dream of your future lover

Cut a sprig from an ash tree as you say the following spell:

Ashen tree, ashen tree
I pluck thee.
This night my true love
for me to see.

Put the sprig under your pillow when the moon is full and your future lover or mate will appear before you in a dream.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Weight Loss Spell

A mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and put your hands on your stomach. Chant these words with feeling:

Goddess hear my plead,
Make me the weight I want to heed,
This size is to big for me,
A size (size you want to be) I want to be,
So Mote It Be

Once you do this you will feel a funny feeling in your stomach and your cloths will be to big (or if there to small for you the right size) for 6-7 hours.

Photo: Eden Arya (KOZZ)

To attract a love interest

Lavender oil
Red candle

Anoint yourself and a white candle with lavender oil. Then visualize your love interest. Light the candle. Call to the deities and/or spirits that you worship, to let your potential partner see you for who you are, and take you as you are. Close your eyes and say:

By the Powers of Three times Three,
with Harm To None,
This is My Will,

so Mote It Be

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

To gain love

A cauldron
Two pink candles
Incense of rose, lavender, or jasmine

Place the cauldron on your altar between two pink candles. Inside the cauldron itself, place a magenta candle. Light incense or place in a simmering pot, scents for love, such as rose, lavender, or jasmine. Tap the cauldron three times with your wand or Athame and say:

One to seek him/her,
One to find him/her,
One to bring him/her,
One to bind him/her,
Heart to heart, Forever one.
So say I, This spell is done.

Tap the cauldron three more times. Light the magenta candle to speed the spell upon its way. Best done during the Waxing Moon.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Kissing spell

A red color lipstick
A piece of white paper
Red candle

Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper. Take a red candle and light. Burn the paper in an ashtray while chanting:

Kiss me when we meet ,
Kiss me [mention persons Full name]
Greet me with your lips, and say you missed me.
But most of all kiss me as a lover should do Magic kisses so I will love you
Kiss me softly and by me always stay our love will last forever as you kiss me today.

Don't forget to visualize the person you want to kiss you, and conjure love.