Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ritual of healing

A Lighter
Your favorite magickal or element based incense.
A burnable cloth
Permanent Marker
Word's prepared to chant.
A splash of Purified Water

1.) Start by taking the cloth and marker and writing the name of the person in harm. To amplify the spell put known symbols associated with the task at hand. The Pentagram for Balance, Celtic Tree of Life for Balance and Nature, Cross for power, Infinity Sign for Continuum, a Four Leaf Clover for pure luck, anything to get your message across. To go even further you can also write the person's name in Ogham, Runic, or any other olde magick language.

2.)Get out your bowl and Put a pinch of Rosemary, Sage, and Cinnamon in it. Put a small splash of pure water, just enough to dampen the ingredients. You want to kind of smudge them onto the cloth, soaking the whole cloak makes it unburnable. Of course, if it's dry enough, a good place to put your cloth is inside the bowl with the ingredients.

3.) You can go two ways with this. Straight up meditate, or burn your incense now. For this I only meditated. Focus hard on the face of the one you are healing, it is at this time you can cast your circle, ground, and/or contact your Spiritual Guide and God(s). Breath in and out deep, picturing your natural energies swirling around you, or into that person.

4.) Say, with emotion and fire in your lungs, the words you prepared. I have some already, if you really can't think of any.

"Oh great gods above, (you can insert some here, preferably associated with healing. For this example, I won't add that) let your blessing be enough. Let _______ recieve ye help, (their last name rhymed with help, rhyming can raise the energy, another pointer.) his his heart freed from old age. (Again, this was a heart attack, so this part won't work for everyone.) Return his will, his lively thrill, and heed this humble mage. This remedy I send the, through the flames."

It's hard to let people use your own chants, as it's tailored to everyone differently. And probably you will write one 10x better than me.

5.) Burn the Cloth. Spread the remains in the wind and twist any remaining, unburned remains into tight knots. Lay out these knots in the moon light. It could also help to burn the cloth upon a white candle, and drip the wax upon the knots.

6.) Finally, focus on this person again and burn the incense you have left. Walk in clockwise, signaling the final movements to put the spell in motion. AVOID WALKING COUNTER-CLOCKWISE! This will undue, in this case, the healing. I walked holding the incense but, as long as you picture them do as ye wish.

7.) Relax, you've done what you can. Dismiss any help you have called upon, let go of Earth's energy, and/or dispell your circle. You have earned it.

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